Rainforest – Taman Negara National Park

You can travel by a car or a bus to the state of Pahang, Malaysia. It took us nearly 4 hours on the highway from Kuala Lumpur to reach Kuala Tahan.

It was a peaceful and scenic drive for the last 2 hours. You can stop by for food and snacks in Jerantut.

Kuala Tahan is a small village with a few guesthouses. It was a lovely, quiet, and quaint town. We were very happy with where we stayed in Hanna Guesthouse in Kuala Tahan .We had a room with a balcony too.

We went to Tebing Guesthouse situated next door to enquiry about the prices for activities.

The prices were quite reasonable and they were very helpful. Here are some of the prices. You can email them at : tgh.nationalpark@gmail.com or call +6013 5843476 if you are keen to find out more on the hiking and camping trips to the caves and hides.

  • Night Jungle Walk RM 25 per person ($6)
  • Rapid shooting RM 40 per person ($10)
  • Lata Berkoh and Kelah Sanctuary RM 200 per boat (4 persons) ($48)
  • Inner jungle activity- Kumbang Hide (sleep at the hide) 2 days a night RM230 per person ($55)

We did the Lata Berkoh boat ride, it was amazing. You need to hike a little bit more to reach Lata Berkoh after taking the boat ride. Once you are there, you can take a swim! It was beautiful. But please be aware of the rocks there!

Boat ride to Lata Berkoh

We didn’t have time to do the overnight hike to the caves and Bumbun Kumbang. Instead, we went to observe wildlife in Bumbun Tahan hide. We saw a wild boar and a deer at dusk. We were very lucky.

Bumbun Tahan

We also hiked to Bumbun Tabing as we wanted to observe more wildlife. But we was told by the park ranger, the chances were higher if we camped there at night. More wildlife can be seen at night, but for us, we needed to return before nightfall as we did not have camping gear with us.

It would be dangerous to hike back at night because the trek can be rough. But I felt it was definitely easier than Bukit Teresek hike. We also heard a lot of strange noises when we were at the Bumbun Tabing hide.

Please do not be afraid to explore the Bumbun Tahan and Bumbun Tabing hides. Just follow the treks.

I want to highlight that the Bukit Teresek hike is not 1.7km as stated on the sign post. Please equip yourself with lots of water when you do this hike.

We felt this hike was a bit tougher because it was steep all the way. This is a hike on boardwalks but the journey was tougher than we thought. We felt it was more than 5KM in total. It took us 4 hours to complete it. I also read about it in other blogs and it took them 4 hours to get to the top. So just make sure you bring enough water with you.

Please use the same trail, when you return, if not you are most likely to end up with another extra 3 KM! One Dutch couples did just that, but we understood why they took a different route back, they thought it was a loop. But the sign post is very confusing.

Bukit Teresek view

Enjoy your trip to the oldest rainforest! It was cheap, easy and you can immerse yourself with nature 24 hours a day!

We were very happy and glad that we made a trip here. The RM1 entrance fee was way to cheap and we hope Pahang Perhilitan can charge tourist more, so the money can be used to maintain the facilities such as the boardwalks.

I felt the food quality and services offered by local restaurant should improves, to encourage more tourists to visit.

Unfortunately, I have also experienced some noisy local tourists, I hope they have self awareness to maintain the tranquility of the forest. Especially when most overseas tourist are there for the peace and quiet, to observe nature and the wild animals.

Our accommodation

Hanna Guesthouse Taman Negara 019 9546718 by Razali 

Read more on Taman Negara at : Taman Negara Travel 
For more photos you can refer to #Cayintamannegara in Instagram 

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